Sanitary transportation of patients in the country

Sanitary transportation of patients abroad

Rental of orthopedic aids

Rental of medical beds and antidecubic mattresses

Medico Trans

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We are transporting patients from one place to another. When the nature of the illness is such that it is not allowed to move, good transportation from and to the hospital is very important.

We are here in any time to help and take the patient from the bed to your desired destination. The types of transportation we carry are diverse. Our patients are immovable persons, elderly or sick patients and all who have difficulty moving. We transport patients from home to hospital and back.

We come quickly and you can call it any time.
We are waiting for you while you are on the examination, visit or similar.

We also provide transportation services in the country and abroad from 0 to 24h. Transport is done with specially equipped vehicles, with and without medical attendance.

Working hours: 7 days a week, 24h

You can get all the information on the phone:

+381 64 030 10 10